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TAK Composite Squadron

TAK Composite Squadron
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TAK Composite Squadron is a member of the Western New York Group, New York Wing, and North East Region.

Civil Air Patrol specializes in teaching young adults from age 12 and up in areas such as Aerospace Education, Leadership and Search and Rescue.

Our Cadet program is for 12-21 years of age and the adult program is from 18-Up years of age.

Our Squadron meets every Friday night from 7:00PM - 10:00PM except on Holidays.

Local Team Awarded 1st Place in Cyberpatriot Competition for New York State


   TAK Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, from Tonawanda, NY, recently participated in, and subsequently was awarded First Place, in the State Recognition round of the Cyberpatriot Competition. The competition took place over the weekend of February 21st-23rdThe competition is in its sixth year. This was the first time the TAK Squadron participated in this competition.  According to their website: “CyberPatriot is the premier national high school cyber defense competition created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.”.

   The competition was held at the Mercy Flight headquarters near the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport,   Teams  worked continuously for six hours to find and correct security issues in three different operating systems, consisting of Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and the Linux operating system, Ubuntu.

   Aside from being awarded 1st place in NY State, the cadets also came in 61st out of 225 other teams in their division nationally and 16th out of the 71 other Civil Air Patrol teams across the country.  Captain Charles Erckert III, CAP was the Cyberpatriot Coach and Captain Thomas Leach, CAP, a Team Mentor. Participating cadet members of the team were Domenic Mazziotti, Charles Erckert IV, Luke Erckert and Daniel Erckert.  Cadets Christopher Bullington and Matthew O’Conner were also members of the team but did not participate on the competition day.


Great Leadership = Responsibility
Lt Col Janet Schachner, Character Development Instructor
The Mission of Civil Air Patrol calls each of us to continually develop our leadership skills. One extremely important quality of a great leader is responsibility. Nathaniel Branden concisely describes the relationship between great leadership and responsibility:
“If a leader is to inspire self-responsibility in others, he or she must be perceived to:
--> Take responsibility for every choice, decision, and action without blaming or finding alibis
--> Be fully accountable for all promises and commitments
--> Be able to bounce back from defeat, setback, or adversity and continue moving toward goals rather than surrendering to despair.”

When we take responsibility for fulfilling our promises and commitments we are upholding the CAP Core Values. Meeting our responsibilities shows that we have integrityand our word can be trusted, shows respectfor those to whom we made the promise or commitment, and helps us establish a reputation for excellence.
Volunteer serviceis admirable, but we need to be careful not to overextend ourselves by taking on more responsibilities than we can manage. It is better to decline a commitment than to agree to do something which we will be unable to complete. No one is perfect, and sometimes we might misjudge our ability to complete a project or fulfill a promise. If we break a promise it is critical that we take full responsibility for our failure to meet our commitment by acknowledging our error without blaming others.
We cannot let fear of failure keep us from accepting new challenges. Coach Pat Summit says it well, “In order to grow, you must accept new responsibilities, no matter how uncertain you may feel or how unprepared you are to deal with them.”
Only you can make yourself responsible, do not cheat yourself from greatness by failing to develop this important leadership trait.
Spring 2011

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